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Our team of 12 mountain guides, mountain leaders and climbing instructors is delighted to welcome you to the heart of the Écrins massif, in a major Alpine resort.

At Les 2 Alpes, we combine modernity and tradition, nature and amenities. Our playgrounds stretch from the peaks to the glaciers: right down to the Oisans valleys and the Ecrins National Park.

Our activities range from traditional mountaineering and climbing to winter mountaineering and ice climbing, from marmot hikes and via ferrata and from ski touring on the Col du Lautaret to freeriding at La Grave and Les 2 Alpes…

Une partie de l'équipe du Bureau des Guides aux 2 Alpes

The Bureau was affiliated to the Syndicat National des Guides de Montagne (SNGM) in 2001, in order to unify the various guide counters that the resort had seen over the years, notably with guides Philippe Valette and André Gauci. Chaired and co-founded by Eric Arnol and Marc Durdan, then Jean-Pierre Bazet and Eric Pereira, the Bureau des Guides des 2 Alpes immediately welcomed a team of local mountain guides, supporting their integration into the Compagnie des Guides – Oisans Écrins.

A Bureau des Guides is above all an approach to the mountains that combines pleasure, respect and safety.

The region’s first guides, including the illustrious Pierre Gaspard, were behind the idea of a Guide diploma with the Société de Tourisme du Dauphiné in 1875. Following in the footsteps of these local people who accompanied the end of Alpine exploration and the development of Alpine tourism, the guides of Les 2 Alpes are committed to ensuring that mountain sports are practised in a way that respects these fragile and exceptional environments.

Our mission: to offer you the best possible conditions for safety and enjoyment on all your outings.

So… follow the guide!

Our team

Marc Durdan


Mountain Guide

Eric Arnol


Mountain Guide

Eric Pereira

Éric Pereira

Mountain Guide

Félix Philippe

Philippe Félix

Mountain Guide

Ludovic Erard

Ludovic ERARD

Mountain Guide



Mountain Guide

Laurent Ficher

Laurent FIcheur

Mountain leader

Fabrice Morin

Fabrice Morin

Mountain leader

Maxime Pichoud

Maxime Pichoud

Mountain leader

Aude Berruyer


Mountain leader

Sylvain Marulaz


Mountain leader

Rémi Sebilo


Climbing instructor

La Meije, massif de l'Oisans

Values and commitments

The Bureau des Guides et Accompagnateurs des 2 Alpes, a member of the Compagnie des Guides – Oisans Écrins, is an association registered as a Local Syndicate which pools professional services and aims to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between mountain professionals.

We are committed to offering the authenticity of a mountain welcome and the high standards of quality needed to respect the peaks and valleys. It is our pleasure to pass on the simple, healthy values of nature awareness and deep respect that the mountains can inspire.

In the mountains, because we have a mission to educate, and for the younger generations first and foremost, climate change concerns us. That’s why, in the spirit of necessary energy sobriety, we invite you to estimate the carbon footprint of your sporting activities. You can also choose the best way to join the resort with Go2Alpes.

Aware of the complexity of the efforts required to achieve carbon-neutral practices in our activities, we support sustainable solutions to prevent ecosystems from changing too radically. That’s why we give priority to carpooling for our outings and why we try to implement virtuous and participative practices in our activities.

Our wildlife-watching and edible plant-discovery outings have been awarded the Esprit Parc National label as part of our commitment to quality and a positive impact on the environment.

Adding stones to the cairns that mark the way to a sustainable planet for the ecosystems of which we are a part: this is our way of participating in the sustainable development of the resort and mountain tourism.

The Bureau des guides Relief Fund Association

Psychological and financial support

Going to the mountains means discovering a “world above the world”. It’s a real adventure in the heart of an environment whose unpredictable nature demands a certain acceptance of risk. The guiding profession therefore necessarily involves a degree of the unknown. Unfortunately, this context can lead to accidents with serious consequences for both professionals and their clients. While insurance companies exist to cover the essentials, the Bureaux des Guides have historically set up emergency funds to provide the natural support and solidarity that all mountaineers wish to offer each other in times of hardship. This is why, following its creation, the Association Caisse de Secours du Bureau des Guides des 2 Alpes was created, giving expression to the mountain spirit of the Bureau’s members.

The Caisse de secours provides psychological and financial assistance to members and their families in times of adversity. The nature of this assistance has evolved over time to meet current needs following accident, death or illness. Today, the Caisse de Secours negotiates and pays part of the cost of a “daily allowance” insurance policy designed to compensate for any loss of income. It also allocates compensation on a case-by-case basis, and offers temporary work adapted to injuries. While the financial assistance provided by the Caisse de Secours is indispensable, its full meaning lies in the psychological support it offers, which is often decisive.

Lac de montagne dans l'Oisans
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